Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I love this dog,JOJo and do you know I miss it muchies?!!Too bad this dog stays in Penang!And wait,crocodiles anyone?Do you like them?Unfortunately I seriously don't like them to bits!But you know something?They are pretty straightforward!Oh I should love them for that.If you get close to a crocodile,he's always going to try to eat you with his jaw dropping open!With humans,they pretend to be friends!I wish there were more crocodiles in my life!Okay enough of that!I'm so upset with you!Its really saddening to see you walk away just like that..Do you know how it hurts when we were so close?!You should have told me from day one about this mess right!?And do you even know by not having human to human contact when dealing with this,we are robbed of the chance to grow and learn from this experience??Its alright its crucial right?We'll pull through this as we go on!But whatever it is,you been good to me!!Take care alright?Much hugs*from me! Somehow Juwita Suwito will always be my favourite Malaysian singer..I love her songs and definitely her voice! Verse 1: Baby tell me something Can you feel the silence echo down from my heart Our vows’ been broken Like love letters on the floor torn apart I’ve been on journey Flew through a storm and landed back at the start I wonder why I wonder why Did you throw it away Chorus: Walk away Just walk away Don’t let love stand in your way I won’t cry I will not die I won’t let you bleed me dry You should know by now I will breathe again Verse 2: You are not a stranger But a sacred part of me I can’t understand The pain is getting better Every time I learn my lines in this greater plan I just wanna thank you Now I know a rose can blossom in desert sand I wonder why I wonder why Did you throw it away Bridge: I don’t wanna cry no more I don’t wanna run no more I don’t wanna hurt no more I just wanna breathe again

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