Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hello!I been busy and I wont be blogging for sometime!Yeah!I'm feeling so angry and frustrated with my life!Well some might not get what I mean!Sometimes I just wish to ask God why do I need to go through trials that will only make me feel sick and tired of life!I remember reading somewhere in the Bible that says"We rejoice in our sufferings because it produces endurance!How many times do I need to get hurt and become numb?Why did I be a "stupid fool" to go and keep in touch with you all along?Why did you put me in trouble when I needed your help so badly?!Well I don't know whats the answer but I'm seriously so fed up!I know life is discontenting but then again why me?!!!What have I done to you that you did this to me?!Whatever it is at the end of the day,I lose NOTHING!!!The world may neglect me but God is always there for me..I believe He knows who am I and what I'm going through right now!But to you over there,I had enough of shedding my tears for you!If you try bringing me down again... know what?I'm wont give up easily even though I really feel like doing so but I rather stay strong and have faith!I would pray and I know things will be alright!I would PERSEVERE!PICK UP MY PIECES AND START MOVING AGAIN! for yOU OvER THERE THIS IS FOR YOU yEAH! Get out right now It's the end of you and me It's too late and I can't wait for you to be gone Cause I know, about you And I wonder why How could this happen to me I said that I would treat you right But you was just a waste of time I wanted you right here with me I want to ask you many things My heart is breaking when I ask you to leave But how could you be so cold by doing that to me No more tears will fall from my eyes... pRoverbs 18:24 A man has many friends for companionship,but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother! LILIAN,LYNNETTE,SIOE FEI,CYNTHIA,YOKE PEI,EUNICE,JOSHUA,GRACE,JOYCE,JANIELLE,ALEX,SARAH PANG,SARAH TAN AND ZLWIN THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENCOURAGING ME!! tIll then,I would consider it pure joy even though I'm hurting so much within me! remember this?