Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ya know it well enough im such a blur case!Aiyooo,Gabriella Jane Kelios whats wrong with you now days huh!??You see,thats what my friends been telling me recently!Hehehe!But I hope my blurness doesn't drive any of you up the wall yeah??Anyway I'm here to blog about friends!Hehe!!I thank God that even though sometimes I find it SO hard to deal with my problems alone I can always turn to a bunch of amazing people who helped me through my ups and downs!So yeah this is for a bunch of amazing people! I would start with Janielle and Joyce Sometimes I just cant stop thanking God I found you both!I guess the "Adventure Camp" did bring us closer ya??And that was the first time I can actually starting talking really nicely with Joyce!As we were enemies before for no reason!!And I do regret for not knowing you before my dear Joycee!! Anyway,you did bring me out from my tortoise shell after hiding inside for a very very long time!Janielle you always been there advising me along with Joyce when I really wanted someone to listen to me!Thanks for all the lectures as I always did learn sometthing from the both of you!You both did colour my life!And ya,thanks for tolerating my nonesense!Joyce remember this "I smack you then you know?". Jian Quin No words can actually describe you!!You are one in the million I would say.Very very understanding, caring and trustworthy friend are you!My big sister in Klang I would always look up to!!The bottom line is,you"re amazing!!And ya,I just love hanging out with you!!When is our next hangout huh?! Lilian Tang Lilian my sayanggg!!!Hehe!Gosh its been around two months since I met you!But no matter how far we are we would always keep in touch through sms and msn yeah!Well,well that's not what I wanted to say of course!!Thanks for cheering me up when I was having a bad day and I did enjoy getting high with you so often! Cynthia I truly apologies for scolding you!And thanks for actually putting up with me all this while!Thanks also for helping me chill when I burst out in front of you!I think we've been thru lotsa ups and downs and it's been a pleasure knowing u.. !Love ya lotsa!! Sioe Fei One of the sweetest girl i ever known!Miss u sooo much sioe fei dear!You are as beautiful as your heart and a heart as beautiful as yours knows no bounds to loving and caring!By the way,I love your quotes so muchiee!! Zlwin Chew I only got to know you last year huh??Good thing I did!Thanks for encouraging me with scriptures!!You did help me grow alot indeed!I do look up to you my big bro!! Kelly Yap Aiyoo sayanggg!!!I just wish I wasnt emoing that day or else I'm sure we would have so much fun together!Oh well forgive me la k?Oh ya Kelly,I truly enjoy your company!I always loved you and there was never a time where i thought of you as any less.So sorry for dragging you shopping with me yeah?!And wait,I want to go swimming with you!!!! Sarah Tan And you would always be my big sister in Pj..You been so encouraging!I would always remember this words "If you need me to hear you out I can" Alex Thanks you so much for being my so faithful kuli!!I just love dragging you for shopping!!What would I do when you go for NS? Im so gonna miss you!! And of course to my best sis To my Grandparents: I m their pride n joy... To my parents: I m their PANADOL To my doggies: I m their HERO To my cousin, Marissa: I m her Partner in CRIME To my BELOVED sis, Gracie: I m your baby sis aka baby gangster. I kembang too much edi but i noe that i m nice, adorable n u enjoy my company rite :P hehehe V did uncountable nonsense tat drove ppl up the wall but v really feel gud bout it.this is for you alright