Sunday, December 16, 2007

ThIngS I Learnt aT gy camp

OOOh yeshh I know well enough I'm really out dated!But then again,I been so tired and almost got bored of blogging but hey look here now I hardworking already right?Gy Camp was nothing other then awesome!I would list what I learnt through this!!
  1. Say NO to pre marital sex,cigarette's,drugs and abortion!!
  2. Don't scream too much or you would not only get soar throat but you will also qualify for "TIGER COURT".
  3. Never ever sit beside NAEDEN AND JONATHAN ROBERTS unless you would want to get bullied!
  4. Sleep early in the night or you would be too privileged to listen to wonderful different kinds of melodies tunes!?
  5. When you are heading up to Cameron the best thing to do is to sleep or you might just puke!
  6. Errr...being in "Kampung Bikini Donuts" rawks!Especially when you have Don and Yoke Ping as your leader and many crazy hyper followers!
  7. Never dare the GUYS!![You know it well enough who you are]
  8. Oh ya.memorize scriptures and you would get a huge sum of Gy Euro?
  9. Oooh and the list goes onn!!

I learnt alot through this camp it taught me how to appreciate the hot weather back here in Klang,Selangor!And ya I made a whole bunch of new friends from all around and now I'm missing them!